On Tuesday, November 26th US President Barack Obama will visit California. In a recent press briefing Josh Earnest, Principal Deputy Press Secretary and Chief of Staff announced  “the President will visit DreamWorks Animation facility in Glendale, California to deliver remarks on the economy. The American motion picture and television industry is a growing industry and continues to create thousands of jobs all across the country.”

As one might expect this rang a sour note with visual effects artists in LA who have seen work shift around the globe as studios chase the latest tax incentives and subsidies.  Anonymous blogger VFXSoldier responded in a post titled: “Obama Visits DreamWorks: Time To ‘Go Green’?” – a reference to the color green that visual effects artists have adopted since the protest at the Oscars.

vfxsoldier: Obama Visits DreamWorks: Time To ‘Go Green’?

David Rand, who has been such a strong voice for visual effects artists and helped organize the Oscar rally quickly responded that he had ordered 500 green t-shirts to be will be delivered to DWA’s union president Monday am for the VFX artist of DWA.

“Consider it a gift and wear it Tuesday with pride for your talent and hard work.  The press will be asking the question posted above by VFX soldier, but if any of the VFX artists get to ask a question, it would be great if could come from one of us. This is a once in a life time chance to be heard by our President. Our industry needs a voice, it needs your voice. So please wear a green shirt and encourage your friends to do the same.  Remember everything we do that shows any glimmer of solidarity is additive.  So roll out a green carpet for President Obama. Lose the fear, trust your talent, and help change the course of your own life.”

In addition to the t-shirts an official protest is being organized in a nearby park by artist Tom Capizzi, it is permit limited to only 50 people.
The story was quickly picked up by the Los Angeles Times, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and many more outlets.

Variety: Visual Effects Artists to Protest Obama’s DreamWorks Animation Visit

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