Mike chats digital humans in virtual production with Vladimir Mastilovic. This in-depth interview was primarily recorded at 3Lateral’s offices in Serbia.

3Lateral has long been recognized as an industry leader in facial performance capture. In the latest podcast in our Visual Disruptors series, Mastilovic, Founder and Director of 3Lateral, talks about how new developments will change filmmakers’ approach to digital performance in virtual production.

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Fxguide has covered 3Laterals work in the past. The company was behind the facial capture and animation for AAA games like Marvel’s Spider-Man, Activision’s Call of Duty, Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. With Epic Games, 3Lateral has worked on real-time digital humans in projects such as Siren, Hellblade, MEETMIKE and Osiris Black with Andy Serkis.

Epic acquired 3Lateral last month. Read our fxguide story here. Mastilovic, with his lifelong passion for realizing lifelike human performance in CG, looks forward to expanding 3Lateral’s R&D, and especially wants to develop tools that can be made publicly available. As he commented in that pervious story he laments that due to increasing demand for facial capture and animation, 3Lateral has had to turn away more than 95% of projects offered to them in the last year. Mastilovic hopes that with the new availability of tools that anyone can use, no one will have to walk away disappointed.

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