Mike Seymour, Ian Failes and Jason Diamond enter the ring of Real Steel and discuss the visual effects of the film.

Show Notes:

Director: Shawn Levy
Cinematographer: Mauro Fiore
VFX Companies and Supervisors:
Digital Domain -- Eric Nash
New Deal Studios -- Matthew Gratzner
Legacy Effects -- Jeff Rosengrant
Giant Studios

Rocky (1976)

Hugh Jackman

Night at the Museum (2006)


Atom and Jackman in sunlight

18% gray ball

Creating a Light Probe

Astro Boy

Angenieux Optimo Lenses

Sony CineAlta F35 Camera

DNxHD codec - pdf

Sugar Ray Leonard and Hugh Jackman on Fighting for 'Real Steel'

"Spielbergian" - defined

Massive Software

Dave Emmerichs

New Deal Studios Facebook page

Richard Matheson

@vfxshow Twitter Feed

200th fxpodcast episode

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