Mike Seymour, Jeff Heusser and Matt Wallin take a journey to Mars to review the visual effects of John Carter.

We have additional coverage over at fxguide on John Carter in the article A world away: John Carter.

Show Notes:

Director: Andrew Stanton
Cinematographer: Daniel Mindel
VFX Supervisors and Companies:

Production VFX Supervisors
Peter Chiang -- Double Negative
Sue Rowe -- Cinesite

Double Negative
Ryan Cook / Ken McGaugh / Paul Riddle
Eamonn Butler -- Animation Director
Steve Aplin -- Animation Supervisor

Jon Neill / Ben Shepherd / Zave Jackson / Christian Irles / Helen Newby / Simon Stanley Clamp

Legacy Effects
John Rosengrant – Character Design Supervisor

Halon Entertainment (Previs)

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Ryan Church - John Carter Art Department


Willem Dafoe on stilts during filming - image

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Why Andrew Stanton Dedicated ‘John Carter’ To Steve Jobs - Cult of Mac article

Moon (2009) the vfx show #98

Everything is Amazing and Nobody's Happy - Lewis CK video

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