the vfx show #166: Olympus Has Fallen

Mike Seymour, Jeff Heusser and Jason Diamond recover from Mike’s birthday party and re-record their thoughts on the new film, Olympus Has Fallen.

We have additional coverage on the film’s visual effects on fxguide with Ian Failes’ article, How VFX saved Washington: Olympus Has Fallen.

Show Notes:

Director: Antoine Fuqua
Cinematographer: Conrad W. Hall
VFX Supervisors and Companies:
Evan Jacobs — Production VFX Supervisor
Jeppe N. Christensen — VFX Supervisor — Ghost VFX
Stefan Tchakarov — VFX Studio Supervisor — Worldwide FX

Box Office numbers for the film

Ghost VFX

Worldwide FX


Variety review of the film

Independence Day — White House Destruction – video

Wargames (1983)

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