Mike Seymour, Zap Andersson and Nick Lambert go mad traveling down Fury Road as they talk about the plot, cinematography and visual effects in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Show Notes:

Production VFX Supervisor — Andrew Jackson
Production VFX Producer — Alex Bicknell / Fiona Crawford

Special Effects Supervisors: Andy Williams / Dan Oliver
Make-up Effects Supervisor: Lesley Vanderwalt
Production Designer: Colin Gibson

Iloura — Tom Wood
The Third Floor
Dr. D Studios
Method Studios
Tinsley Studio
Stereo D | 4DMax

When ideas have sex — TED Talk

Mad Max Franchise

A graphic tale: the visual effects of Mad Max: Fury Road — By Ian Failes

Mad Max: Fury Road’s day for nights and practical VFX — By Ian Failes

fxpodcast #293: Mad Max: Fury Road

Delivering Day for Night — excerpt from Ian’s article


John Seale, ASC

The Editing of MAD MAX: Fury Road — discusses center framing

Auteur theory

Star Wars Restoration Blooper #1 — regarding 18 frame difference referenced by Zap

The Road Warrior Tattoo

Sensefly drones

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