Announcement: fxguide 5/8 event at NAB 2003

As part of NAB 2003, fxguide will host a live advanced user session – specifically focused on last month’s breakthrough releases of Inferno 5.0 and Flame/Flint 8.0. The event is scheduled prior to the Discreet 2003 User Group on the Sunday at NAB, allowing users to go the FXG event in the afternoon before the User Group. Special thanks to our sponsors Discreet and sgi, who were kind enough to help make this event possible. More details…

Date: Sunday, April 6, 2003
Time: 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Place: Caesar’s Palace
Cost: $100

Who should go?
This training is aimed at experienced users…artists very familiar with the software as it stands today (pre-5.0/8.0). It is ideal for freelancers and experienced compositors who want to get up to speed very quickly with the new tools such as timeline editing, mixed resolution, proxy processing, an integrated action in batch, and the new project management/workflow solutions. Its also a great opportunity for those who haven’t upgraded their software to see what they’re missing.

What will it cover?
It will cover a range of special tips and workflow management issues aimed at allowing senior users to produce exceptional visual effects. It will not cover system admin or configuration issues. The training will be fast and high level, with secondary training aids (see below).

How different can the new software be anyway ?
That’s exactly what we said! But all three speakers at the conference are senior users themselves who have been testing the software since May 2002, and all 3 found the new software so full of new approaches and features that it actually took months to get fully up to speed.

What do I get for the conference fee?
The conference will be three hours with the fxguide crew showing exactly how to get the most out of the new software. You will also get a CD with batch and action setups – with some complex examples and cool tricks, hot key and ‘cheat sheet’ notes, software breakdowns and access to a new restricted password area on for post-show downloads.

Are numbers limited?
Yes. Due to space considerations, numbers will be limited. We will release registration information in the coming weeks. Registration will open soon but we are announcing now so that you can book your hotel and flights accordingly.

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas on April 6, and we’d like to thank Discreet and SGI for their generous support.

For more info email: [email protected]

Thanks….Jeff, John and Mike