Announcing nucoda Data Conform

nucoda Announces World’s First PC-Based Full-Resolution Pre-vis Tool for Film Incorporating Truelight Colour Cube Technology and Timeline Editing

nucoda Ltd has announced that nucoda Data Conform, the world’s first PC-based full-resolution previsualisng tool for film, will begin shipping in the UK at the beginning of March 2003. nucoda Data Conform (DC) enables users to conform 2K 10 bit media files over a network for previsualising on a standard computer monitor or data projector, and includes FilmLight’s Truelight colour cube technology and comprehensive timeline editing capabilities.

Users simply conform from EDL over the network and can immediately view 2K 10 bit playback without any need to import scans onto local storage. This means an end to the long-winded and costly practice of printing to film and developing positives simply to check edits, colour and special effects – a process which can often take up to 36 hours.

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nucoda Data Conform can also be used to project images in the theatre where its powerful player controls provide a flexible choice of viewing options giving users the ability to bounce, loop, jog or shuttle images and make snapshot or frame comparisons quickly and easily.

“This is something I’ve wanted for some time – a 2k colour calibrated replay device for viewing renders and composites in the context of the cut at a realistic price,” said Steve Prescott, technical director, Framestore-CFC. “In time I see that we will have a DC for each workgroup and one for digital dailies projection in our cinema which will cut down the amount of film prints and visits to the preview theatre. Cost and colour accuracy are the biggest advantages of DC.”

nucoda Data Conform includes FilmLight’s Truelight technology
Truelight colour cube technology from FilmLight is incorporated as standard in nucoda data conform which means that the colours viewed on a monitor set up with the integrated ‘by eye’ line-up are an extremely good match to those which will eventually go to print. This eliminates the problem of colour differences that are always associated with pre-visualising film using traditional 1 dimensional look-up tables (LUTs). By integrating Truelight into the previsualising process, users can be sure that what they see on the monitor is the same as they will see on the finished film. Any colours that will not transfer to film, for example, where a colour is out of gamut, are highlighted automatically.

nucoda data conform is based on nucoda’s ‘Postcode’ architecture – a groundbreaking new software framework that is lightweight, flexible and includes an open framestore and ascii-based metadata structure enabling users to integrate nucoda data conform even more tightly into their workflow.

“We are extremely excited about this new product as it provides a simple and cost-effective solution to a fundamental problem in the film pre-vis process,” said Simon Cuff, CEO, nucoda Ltd. “We’ve been working closely with some of the world’s biggest film houses to develop Data Conform and their response to its feature set and performance has been very encouraging.”

nucoda Data Conform includes a full range of features including:
Realtime playback of up to 2k 10bit log files
Truelight colour calibration
Resolution-independent architecture
Comprehensive editing timeline
Bounce, loop, jog and shuttle player controls
Snapshot and frame comparison tools
AAF and EDL import
Batch capture of files on LAN or SAN
DPX timecode support
Proxy creation and management
Background processing of import and proxy creation
Multiple timelines per project
Support for Linux and Windows
Open framestore
Open metadata format

nucoda Data Conform is available in the UK from 3 March 2003 direct from nucoda Ltd. nucoda Data Conform will be launched worldwide at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Convention in Las Vegas in April 2003. This is the first in a series of film finishing products using nucoda’s ‘Postcode’ technology.

About Nucoda
Based in Soho, London, nucoda Ltd is a developer of advanced digital media applications. nucoda incorporates skills from every field of visual content creation and provides consultancy, software development and sales and marketing services. Nucoda has recently been involved in the development of software for digital film, visual effects, data-driven web applications, content management and delivery, user interface design, production workflow and interoperability systems. ‘Postcode’ technology is a completely new software framework developed by nucoda that addresses the demands of the digital post production pipeline. For further information, please visit

About FilmLight
FilmLight Limited was formed by the digital film technology team from the Computer Film Company (CFC) as a new independent venture. Incorporating over a hundred man-years of experience in digital post-production technology, FilmLight specialises in the development of high productivity tools for the digital lab, cinema and post-production environments, and has received two Technical Achievement Awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The FilmLight team developed the highly successful Keylight blue/green screen keyer now in use at post facilities throughout the world. The company is now shipping Northlight, the fourth generation of design in film scanning technology, designed to produce the worlds best digitised images from film at up to 6K resolution. More products are in development tailored to the exacting demands of the highest quality digital intermediate film production.