Centropolis FX closes and Matrix work moves shop

Centropolis FX based in Los Angeles closed its doors on Tuesday, December 17th 2002, according to CGChannel.

Centropolis FX was working on the Matrix Reloaded (Scheduled for release May 15), it is understood that this work has moved to Sony ImageWorks.

The closure comes as a real shock to both staff and industry insiders, coming as it does so close to Christmas.


Centropolis’s web site had been promoting the company picking up the primary effects on “The Day after Tomorrow” – slated for Summer 2003 release, and to be directed by Roland Emmerich. (NB Dark Horizons are reporting the film may be called just Tomorrow). The web site states that “THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW revolves around an abrupt climate change which has cataclysmic consequences for the planet.” and promised to be “DAY will be the studio’s second event picture of the summer, with X-MEN 2 already announced as a May 2 release”. However FXGuide understands the $125M film starring Denis Quaid, was pushed back to a release date of May 28th, 2004, to allow time for the extensive special effects sequences. UPDATE: We understand that Digital Domain is hard at work on the visual effects for the film.

Cinefex magazine online reports that Centropolis is also working on Willard, a remake of the 1971 horror film. This story revolves around disgruntled man who uses ravenous rats to seek revenge on his workplace, which doesn’t accept him socially. The film currently in post-prodcution and scheduled for release in 2003.

Centropolis FX other credits include : Independence Day, Godzilla, The Patriot, and many more.

Unconfirmed reports state that other LA bases effects companies are also looking to exit feature film visual effects, as one post-facility manager stated “we do film clips for the freedom, features for the glory, but its commercials to pay the bills”. With the current state of even the advertising market, there can be little doubt times are tough for effects companies.