NAB Podcast: Roundtable

In our final podcast from NAB, we explore some of the less obvious gems of the show and discuss the relevance of NAB as an event. If you haven’t listened to the podcasts, be sure to take a listen — we’ve got a ton of positive comments from listeners. You can listen to the audio in your web browser directly (you don’t need an iPod). url(,Day1 is a good place to start), which covers the Autodesk

It’s our final day here at NAB. Thanks for all the positive comments about the coverage from Vegas…its good to hear that the extra effort is appreciated. fxguide is still essentially a labor of love side gig for the three of us, and we’re looking forward to bringing even more content to the site in the future.

If you missed the other podcasts, you can listen directly on your computer with the following links:

Day1 podcast
Day2 podcast
Day3 podcast

For those “old timers”….here a a couple of snaps which might bring back some memories….


Serious Buttons

Podcast Links

The Codex 4K record machine

The high speed Phantom Camera

The Arriflex D20 Camera