Post, Post Production

In this Podcast we visit with Tyler Leshney, Senior VP for Operations for Ascent Media’s Media Management Services. What happens after a film or TV show is completed. The Digital Media Data Center was built to handle the many ways content needs to be completed and distributed.

one of many tape areas with formats ranging from 1" to HDCAM SR

Most of our articles and podcasts tend to focus on content creation… the latest film, techniques, software. In this podcast we will focus on what happens after the movie is done, the TV show is wrapped. What else happens to that asset once it is created?

Ascent Media’s Digital Media Data Center (DMDC) was built to deal with the many ways media is repurposed and distributed in both traditional ways like DVD and syndication, as well as new media like online, cel phone, HD DVD, etc.

many terrabytes and the largest fiber switch outside of government use

This is no small operation, it is 105,000 Square feet packed with equipment and people. The facility was setup to serve two worlds – a world that still revolves around videotape and the newer workflows of data. Tyler was quick to point out while they have an amazing infrastructure in both tape and tapeless worlds they consider one of their greatest assets to be the people.
Office area where teams of people work closely with clients

Among the services offered:
Atlas – secure file-based archive
Audio post production & restoration
Compression and authoring – DVD,UMD and VOD
Digital and photochemical film separations
Digital content delivery
Digital restoration for still images and photos
Digital intermediates mastering
Duplication and standards conversion
Film printing and negatives processing
Film restoration and preservation
Film scanning and recording
HD and SD telecine
Linguistics services – translation,subtitling,closed/open captioning
Negative cutting and stock footage preparation
Physical film,video and audio vaulting
Syndication – preparation and physical or file-based delivery
Video,audio and film evaluation and QC
VOD – content preparation and traffic management/delivery

a color suite

a very Indiana Jones library shot

client area
The longest hallway in Burbank
Lockers for employees who cannot bring personal items into areas that would be in contact with client media
one of the audio rooms

Thanks to Tyler for taking time to talk with us and Christian Hellum VP Media Relations