Sapphire now for Apple’s Shake

While not having a stand at this year’s NAB, the GenArts/Sapphire guys popped onto the Discreet Booth for some demos, in coming week’s we’ll be publishing an article with GenArts founder and head genius Karl, but this week GenArts announced that the

most popular Sparks set on FFI will now also be available for Shake.

Cambridge, MA (April 24, 2002) – GenArts, Inc. announces the release of

Sapphire Plug-ins for Apple’s Shake(tm) and Tremor(tm) compositing

platforms. Sapphire Plug-ins high-end visual effects are widely respected
for their superior quality and versatility. They have been used extensively

in feature films such as The Lord of the Rings, Spiderman, Final Fantasy,

The Matrix, Star Wars- Episode I, and Titanic.

John Nugent, Compositing Supervisor at Weta Digital, says, “Sapphire

Plug-ins is an excellent package that helped us make The Lord of the Rings.

Its availability on Shake is great news!”

Photon VFX recently purchased Sapphire Plug-ins for their Shake and Tremor
systems. “Sapphire has been a pivotal component of our effects arsenal for

years,” says Ron Roberts, VFX Supervisor. “In fact, the availability of

Sapphire Plug-ins on Shake and Tremor was one of the determining factors in

purchasing these products. When it comes to effects work, our artists just

can’t live without Sapphire.”

Sapphire Plug-ins provides digital artists with a collection of over 200

state-of-the-art image processing and synthesis effects. They fully

integrate into the Shake and Tremor production environments, offering a

comprehensive suite of tools and effects that can transform any shot. They

are resolution-independent, include multi-processor support for faster

rendering, and run on Windows, Linux, Irix, and Mac OS X. Effects in the

package range from everyday tools such as Glows, EdgeRays, LensFlare, Glint,

Blurs and RackDefocus, to more exotic effects like Lightning, FlysEye,

JpegDamage, HalfTone and Textures. With many intuitive options and

parameters, there’s no limit to the number of looks that can be created.

“The Sapphire Plug-ins package is an essential component for any composite

I’m doing. They work seamlessly with Shake and give me the edge that’s

otherwise missing,” says Michael Wills, Senior Animator/Designer at Tech TV,

who recently purchased Sapphire for their Shake system.

Gray Marshall, Visual Effects Supervisor at Gray Matter FX, has already used

Sapphire Plug-ins with Shake on several feature film projects. He adds,

“With Sapphire, I can now go far beyond just what can be done in Shake. They

add that something extra to make a composite come alive.”

Sapphire Plug-ins can be purchased directly from GenArts and through the

Shake reseller network. For a free trial of the software, go to