Special Visual Effects Emmy Nominations

The 57th Annual Emmy Award nominations were announced today.

Nominations for the Emmy Awards were announced today by the Academy of Televison Arts and Sciences. Here are the nominees in the Special Visual Effects category:

Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series

Battlestar Galactica – 33 – SCI FI – Point of View Productions in association with NBC Universal Television Studio
Gary Hutzel, Visual Effects Supervisor
Patricia Gannon, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Lee Stringer, CGI Supervisor
Matt Gore, Facility VFX Coordinator
Michael Gibson, VFX Coordinator
Mark Shimer, Lead VFX Animator
Adam Lebowitz, VFX Animator
Dustin Adair, VFX Animator
Gabriel Koerner, CGI Model Maker

Battlestar Galactica – The Hand Of God – SCI FI – Point of View Productions in association with NBC Universal Television Studio
Gary Hutzel, Visual Effects Supervisor
Mike Gibson, Visual Effects Coordinator
Kirsten Meekison, Visual Effects Coordinator
Tom Archer, Supervising Compositor
Brenda Campbell, Lead Composite Artist
Andrew Karr, 3D Supervisor
Daniel Osaki, Lead Model Maker
Adrian Van der Park, Lead Animator
Jeremy Hoey, Lead Matte Artist

Lost – Pilot (Part 1 & Part 2) – ABC – Touchstone Television
Kevin Blank, Visual Effects Supervisor
Mitch Suskin, Visual Effects Supervisor
Archie Ahuna, Special Effects Supervisor
Jonathan Spencer Levy, CGI Supervisor
Benoit “Ben” Girard, CGI Supervisor
Laurent M. Abecassis, CGI Supervisor
Kevin Kutchaver, Visual Effects Compositor
Steve Fong, Visual Effects Compositor
Bob Lloyd, Visual Effects Compositor

Stargate Atlantis – Rising – SCI FI – Pegasus Productions Inc. Atlantis produced in association with Acme Shark and MGM Television
Michelle Comens, Visual Effects Producer
John Gajdecki, Visual Effects Supervisor
Bruce Woloshyn, Digital Effects Supervisor
Jinnie Pak, Visual Effects Coordinator
Dan Mayer, Lead 3D Animator
Wes Sargent, Lead 3D Animator
Jose Burgos, Lead 3D Animator
Debora Dunphy, Lead Digital Compositing Artist
Chris Doll, Lead Digital Compositing

Stargate-SG1 – Reckoning (Part 2) – SCI FI – MGM Television Entertainment in association with Double Secret Productions and Gekko Film Corp.
Michelle Comens, Visual Effects Supervisor
James Rorick, Visual Effects Coordinator
Karen Watson, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Krista McLean, Lead Compositor In House
Craig Van Den Biggelaar, Digital Effects Supervisor
Adam de Bosch Kemper, Lead CGI Animator
Brett Keyes, Lead Visual Effects Animator
John Tichenor, VFX Consultant
Ryan Jensen, Lead Matte Artist

Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special

Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real – Animal Planet – Darlow Smithson for Animal Planet in association with Tandem Communications and Sat.1 Satelliten Fernsehen
Sirio Quintavalle, Visual Effects Supervisor
Alec Knox, CGI Supervisor
Neil Glasbey, Lead CGI Animator
Sarah Tosh, Lead Model Maker
Daren Horley, Lead CGI Artist
Catherine Mullan, Lead Visual Effects Animator
Laurent Benhamo, Lead Visual Effects Animator
Dan Lavender, Lead CGI Artist
Christian Manz, Lead Visual Effects Compositor

Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars – Night Two – SCI FI – Hallmark Entertainment Productions Presents A Jim Henson Company Production
Benita Carey, Visual Effects Supervisor
Lynne Cartwright, On Set VFX Supervisor
Jeremy Howdin, 3D Supervisor
Brett Margules, Lead Animation Artist
Dominic Bean, 2D Lead Compositor
Rob Nicol, VFX Executive Producer
David Booth, VFX Supervisor
Steve Anderson, Animation Director
Mike Seymour, Lead Compositor

Legend Of Earthsea – SCI FI – Hallmark Entertainment in association with Sea Earth Productions and Bender/Brown Productions
Eric Grenaudier, Visual Effects Supervisor – (Stargate VFX)
Jared Jones, Lead Digital Compositor – (Stargate VFX)
Sam Nicholson, VFX Producer – (Stargate VFX)
Earl Lawrence Paraszczynec, Lead 3D Artist – (StargateVFX)
Lee Wilson, Visual Effects Supervisor – (Anthem)
Sebastien Bergeron, Digital Effects Supervisor – (Anthem)
Asa Svedberg, Lead Effects Animator – (Anthem)
Lisa Sepp-Wilson, Visual Effects Coordinator – (Anthem)
Jean Lapointe, Lead Visual Effects Compositor – (Anthem)

The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers – HBO – DeMann Entertainment and Company Pictures Production in association with HBO Films and BBC Films
Joe Pavlo, VFX Supervisor
Barrie Hemsley, VFX Producer
Paul Tuersley, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Andy McLeod, Lead Visual Effects Animator
Andrew Fowler, Visual Effects Producer
Camille Cellucci, Visual Effects Producer
Mark Intravartola, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Robin Huffer, Lead CGI Artist
Neil Culley, Lead Visual Effects Compositor

Supervolcano – Discovery Channel – A BBC/Discovery Channel/ProSieben/Mediaset/NHK co-production
Tim Zaccheo, Lead VFX Artist
Mark Richardson, Visual & Special FX Supervisor
Grahame Andrew, CGI Supervisor
Abbie Tucker-Williams, Visual Effects Producer
Max Wright, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
Rob Harvey, Lead Visual Effects Compositor
John-Paul Harney, Lead Visual Effects Animator

Congratulations and good luck to all the nominees. The creative arts awards will be announced on Sunday September 11th, 2005. For more information and complete list of nominees in all categories visit the Emmy web site.