Speedsix Announces 5D Plug-ins Acquisition – UPDATED

Updated with information about support for inferno 5/8 and Digital Fusion 4 and as well as other info.

Speedsix Software has announced their purchase of the the sparks and plugins assets from the 5D liquidation. Hopefully we’ll have more information shortly, but in the meantime you can check out their press release….

The folks at Speedsix were kind enough to answer a few questions about their new company. The appear ready to hit the ground running, which is good news for previous 5D Monsters owners.

fxguide: Who are the key members of Speedsix — in other words those we might know from 5D?

The Directors of Speedsix are Jilly Knight, Nick Glazzard, Steve Hayes (all co-founders of 5D) and Gareth Jones.

fxguide: Are your current plug-ins compatible with the recent release of Digital Fusion?

Eyeon Software are providing the Version 4 SDK to Speedsix and we are confident that Monsters certified for Digital Fusion 4.0 should be available very soon.

fxguide: Discreet has tried to make the resolution independence parts of the next release transparent as possible to sparks users, but when do you expect to be shipping Monsters certified for that release?

5D’s developer agreement with Discreet restricted access to pre-release software, so Monsters have yet to be tested with the newest releases of FFFI but Discreet are now supplying Speedsix with the software for compatability testing, so we should be in a position to judge the work required very soon. Monsters were coded to be resolution independent anyway so we are confident that implementing this feature should be relatively straightforward.

fxguide: Do you need current Monsters plug-ins users to contact you or are your customer lists intact?

Speedsix has access to the Monsters customer lists and full records of the Monsters installed base. We will be contacting all customers in due course to ensure continuity of service and support, but if any of the customers have questions or support issues we would of course be very happy to hear from them.

Speedsix initial press release:

Speedsix Software Limited are pleased to announce the successful purchase of the ‘plug-in’ assets from the liquidator of 5D Solutions. This acquisition includes intellectual property, certain trademark rights and some physical assets.

Speedsix is a new company started by the original founders of 5D to continue development and support of the acquired assets and to explore new opportunities in high-end image processing visual effects.

Says Speedsix Director Steve Hayes: “We are now open for business supplying the world renowned Monsters range of plug-ins for Discreet, Avid DS and Digital Fusion platforms. Monsters users can look forward to enhanced support and new product development as we are now focussing on the plug-in sector.”

For further information, please contact Steve Hayes:
T. +44 1483 813200
F. +44 1483 813207
E. [email protected]