Apple Shake 4.0 SDK and the Sydney Seminar

On October 26th in Sydney, Apple begins a three-day Shake SDK seminar. The event will provide an in-depth introduction as well as detailed information on writing plugins using the SDK. In this weeks fxpodcast, we talk about Shake version 4.0 and the SDK with Dion Scoppettuolo, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Apple’s Shake and Motion

Shake SDK Seminar

Following on from similar events in LA, London, San Francisco and New Zealand, Apple is running an advanced SDK course next week in Sydney. The SDK and Macro scripting of Shake make it one of the most powerful production compositing tools on the market. Angus works from the fundamentals of Shake’s rendering image to advanced SDK examples in this 3 day course.

This 3 day, hands on seminar will provide an in-depth introduction to the Shake 4 SDK, including the Shake rendering engine and a detailed look at writing image processing plug-ins using C . The course is being held at the AFTRS

To register for the event, visit the Apple Seminars Website by clicking this link.
Warning : Every Apple Shake SDK course so far has sold out and places are extremely short, – waitlists apply.

DVD – Video:
For those people not in Sydney, or unable to get tickets in time, we will be videotaping the event and producing a DVD version. This event is not likely to be held often, and there are only ever a few tickets to each event.
The DVD will be available to anyone, in any country, hopefully before Xmas. If you’d like information on when and where to buy the DVD – email us using the CONTACT US – Feedback link at the top right of this page.

Part 1: What you need to know before writing any code
SDK Package overview
Rendering engine fundamentals
The Shake compiler
Macros vs. plug-ins

Part 2: Plug-in Basics
C anatomy of a plug-in
Plug-in registration and installation
Customizing parameter UI display

Part 3: Intro to image processing plug-ins
The image plug
Image processing base class overview
Luminance-to-Alpha plug-in example (at last code!)

Part 4: More Image Processing Plug-ins
Resizer plug-in
Custom OSCs
Growable inputs plug-in
Preprocessing plug-in

Part 5: New Plug-in Types
MultiPlane plug-ins
GPU-based plug-ins
Shape data import/export plug-ins
Custom FileIn plug-ins

Part 6: Widgets
Overview of the Shake UI toolkit
Basic modal dialog function
Building a dialog window

Who Should Attend
This course is for both beginner and advanced Shake SDK developers. Some experience with writing C programs is highly recommended.

You can download the PDF to request the SDK here.