Artist in Action: The Process speaks for itself

Simon Scott, a veteran Flame Artist and Visual Effects Supervisor recently formed Process, a new Visual Effects company. For the inaugural project Process, collaborated with Directing duo, Arni and Kinski of Mars Media/HSI Productions on a music video for Dave Gahan and the track “I need you”. Working out of Gorilla Post the team including freelance CGI Artist Steward Burris completed a series of complex shots in just 6 days.

Says Scott, “I started Process so that I could concentrate on working with highly creative individuals, support them by forming project specific teams and then get them exactly what they want. The Dave Gahan project was proof that this approach really works.”

Arni and Kinski add “The main thing for us was how involved Simon was from the beginning. It propelled the quality of the video to a higher level and helped us to spend our limited budget in the right places. I doubt that a bigger company would have been able to put such care and attention into our project, for us the ‘Process’ speaks for itself.”

FXG: How did you come to work on the project?

Scott: The Directors Stefan Arni and Siggy Kinski are friends and we have already completed several projects together.

FXG: Such as?

Scott: We first collaborated while I was working for Method on a series of spots for Levi’s. We then went on to work together on the Sigur Ros video “Vidrar Vel Til Loftarasa” and for Live’s “Heaven”

FXG: How much creative freedom did you have, how much was on the boards when you got them?

Scott: There were no boards, just discussions of how the piece should feel. Stefan, Siggy and I exchanged stills of space backgrounds and whittled down a selection that we felt would give the right flavor to the piece. These images then became my departure point and I just went from there.

FXG: How influenced were you by the track itself?

Scott: It’s fair to say that the Directors (being former members of the band Gus Gus) are very influenced by music; therefore the whole video is tightly woven around the track. My influences are somewhat different, as I usually draw less from the track and more upon a gut feeling once I start to think about a new project. For instance, it just seemed right to transfer this project on a Y-Front Telecine in a deliberate move away from the ‘digital’ transferred look, so I suggested it to Stefan and Siggy and we ran with it. It just felt right to take this piece a little retro; to go for the 70’s look with modern adaptation, so part of my approach was to keep the effects looking optical and/or analogue.

Below are 4 clips from the film – showing completed sequences from above.

Quicktime A (0.7 mb Quicktime)
Quicktime B (0.7 mb Quicktime)
Quicktime C (0.6 mb Quicktime)
Quicktime D (0.6 mb Quicktime)

FXG: The company name Process does that refer to your company’s proprietary
Process – or is it just a great name?

Scott: Process (the company) has objectives that are far reaching and that will ultimately involve the use of proprietary processes. But, for now the company is in it’s early stages and is concentrating on building an interesting body of work to take to investors.

Currently Process builds a specific team to tackle each of its projects, as I do not concur with a static approach to post; for me it’s important to be flexible and innovative. For instance, during the planning stages of Dave Gahan we chose to omit the use of motion capture and went instead with a former Disney animator, Steward Burris to 3D match move the dancer by hand. The result is a beautiful hand crafted look, rather than the more obvious and less impressive perfection that one gets from motion capture.

So to answer your question, Process is simply about creative intention.

Process can be contacted at 310 452 6502, via [email protected], or