Canon & RED Event Live Coverage

We had an amazing response to our coverage of the Canon and RED announcements, so many people tried to access the server that we could not handle the traffic (in spite of doubling capacity). This graph illustrates the spike in traffic we saw that forced us to use a twitter account to get the word out.

If you’d like to review the live coverage from the November 3rd events visit the twitter feed @fxguidelive.

We also have an fxguidetv episode #124 recorded after the events and for more in depth coverage listen to The RC Podcast, Episode #100.

12 thoughts on “Canon & RED Event Live Coverage”

  1. So… I’m here waiting for some live coverage, engadget is not broadcasting, Red web site is crawling along, and this page is not posting live updates. Following on Twitter and having to refresh every minute or so just to get an idea without visuals of the Scarlet.

    1. Hey there — the top of the story has a link to us on twitter:

      Follow us at @fxguidelive for live Canon and RED event coverage.

  2. For those who would like a more in depth discussion on the C300 and Scarlet – The RC #100 discusses the day. Plus Director Vincent Laforet discusses first hand his experiences with the C300.

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