Discreet at IBC

IBC is Discreet’s biggest trade show in Europe and over the coming days we will be publishing a series of stories covering new developments in Smoke, Flame, Lustre and Combustion, leading up to our live coverage of IBC from the show floor. IBC attendance is predicted to be down to 40,000 people from the record highs of 2000 which saw 45,000 attendees but perhaps no worse than last year. Certainly, Discreet has a raft of new announcements, across all the sy

Europe represents Discreet’s third largest market, just behind Asia, which is “particularly dynamic market these days”, commented one Discreet insider. Discreet recently restructured their European operations, they have permanent staff in several European countries but with the bulk of our European operations including finance, sales, marketing and support management based in London. One gauge as to the importance of the show is that Discreet will be sending “approximately 125 people” to IBC according to Discreet’s JoAnne Gaudreau.

Certain to gain enormous attention, Discreet will be running four new SGI Tezro’s on the stand. This is the first time users will get a chance to judge for themselves the speed and performance of the new replacement desktop systems set to replace Octane in both the smoke and flame products. Inital specs indicate that the Tezro will provide near Onyx 3 performance including 12bit 2K real time playback and dual realtime HD performance, many users will be keen to get hands on judge for themselves.

FXguide has obtained a copy of the IBC Discreet booth configuration (Click for larger image) and it makes for interesting reading. The first thing to note is that this is the first major tradeshow mounted by Discreet without JFP, but this does not seemed to have limited their stand complexity. Every system is on a GigE jumbo Frame WIRE link with both Lustre and infarstructure solutions featuring. Discreet will have MAX T, SAN, SGI CXFS and NFS solutions all on show, with inferno/flame SANs, and flame/Lustre SAN examples for facilities to compare. This reflects both the recent policy changes on storage and pricing as well as the newly established discreet storage partnerships with companies such as MaxT and SGI. Users will also get to evalute first hand the new Burn background rendering option for all systems products, including Lustre.

Unlike at NAB this year, Discreet is strongly representing Combustion at IBC, with four Combustion/3dMax stations. These workstations also networked into the one integrated solution. Look for our exclusive FXGuide Combustion news story, discussing the future of Combustion on Sept 9th.

Coming soon will also be an Fxguide story on the new developments with Lustre. Given that Discreet’s Lustre product is engineered by European based Colorfront, a lot of colorfront staff will be at IBC, both behind the scenes and face to face. Discreet’s Maurice Patel points out that you should contact your local Discreet rep – to book specific meetings with the Colorfront boys as ” key members will be very busy in a series of behind the scenes meetings” . This is perhaps especially the case as at IBC Discreet faces off against DaVinci’s own workstation grading solution for the first time, with many prospective buyers comparing the two systems in a showdown reminicent of the hay days of Henry vs Flame in the early 90s. (click here for the DaVinci press releases)

Discreet is also participating in the D-Cinema Workshop on Saturday September 13th from 13.00 to 15.00 and as part of IBC. The first session will feature Philippe Soeiro and Philippe Reinaudo from Eclair Labs talking about DI post production. Many Fxguide readers will know Philippe Soeiro from his brilliant talk as part of Fxguide Live in Vegas at this year’s NAB, He is an outstanding speaker and expert in the field of feature film visual effects and digital grading pipelines. The second session will feature Steven Poster ASC (Steve used Colorfront technology on Stuart Little 2) to give the cinematographers view on DI technology and digital grading . Steve is the former president of the ASC in the USA.

The IBC conference is September 11th to 15th in Amsterdam, with the exhibition running from the 12th to the 16th. for more details check out www.ibc.org