Eyeon Software says that the latest version of their 2D compositing and special effects solution, Digital Fusion 4, will ship October 28, 2002. Digital Fusion 4 is eyeon’s 9th major release and incorporates hundreds of enhancements and new features, including real-time RAM caching, floating point image processing, macro tools, advanced tracking, grid warping and integrated scripting.

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Three-Time Emmy Award Winner and President of Digital Dimension, Benoit Girard, commented “Digital Fusion 4 was immediately integrated into our production pipeline and offered us so many new possibilities, like complete floating point color depth, for example. The power and speed Digital Fusion provides at a reasonable price really impressed us, especially considering how much work we pass through DF on a daily basis. The eyeon team really understands film compositing and it shows when you consider all the new features integrated into the latest version of DF.”

Digital Fusion 4 is fully multithreaded for maximum CPU efficiency and interface response. New RAM caching and cluster rendering provide interactive real-time playback based on system memory resources.

The new Digital Fusion 4 engine boosts the already diverse working environment, such as the new split screen image interface and unlimited floating display views, independent color LUT’s for each view and the ability to drag and drop footage directly into the flow. New floating point color processing increases the accuracy of color correction, enabling the artist to work well above 16-bit color depth for optimal film integration.

Digital Fusion’s versatility has significantly increased with the above new features and additional toolsets. Explains Isaac Guenard, Product Manager for eyeon Software, “Digital Fusion 4 offers a wide variety of functionality to those working on the Windows platform, and soon to those working on Linux, as we are on pace to port to Linux in the near future. The toolsets, speed, and proven value of Fusion offer an unmatched solution in terms of both price and ability.”

Digital Fusion 4 Features Include
Command Line Scripting
Re-designed Tracking tool, offering unlimited tracking points
New Grid Warping for advanced image deformation
8 and 16 bit integer and 32 bit Floating Point color processing
New RAM Caching for real-time playback
New Transform functions
Cluster Rendering and Macro Tools
As well as hundreds of other improvements and enhancements, including the new DF4 Training DVD.

Pricing and Availability
Pricing for Digital Fusion 4 lists at $ US 4,995 full version and $US 495.00 for DF4 upgrade from DF 3.1. DFX+ upgrade pricing varies depending on module configuration.