fxguide MacReporter Plug-in Available

MacReporter is a shareware program for Macintosh OSX that puts news sources in your dock. The author has provided us a plug-in that works with fxguide.com…

Ever get tired of browsing multiple news websites looking for updated information or the latest rumors? MacReporter (available from http://inferiis.com/macreporter/) ends this painful and time consuming task once and for all.

In the downloads section of fxguide under “fxguide tools” we’ve added a free plug-in for MacReporter that adds fxguide as one of the news sources.

screenshot from MacReporter

We have found MacReporter makes checking a bunch of tech sites like Slashdot and Versiontracker, and “news” sources like ABC news and CNN quick and easy. Selecting a story heading in MacReporter takes you to the full story in your web browser.

Some of our favorite OSX shareware and now with access to fxguide!