fxphd live: practical effects & digital integration

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Have you ever wanted to learn the secrets of blowing stuff up, shooting high speed and creating practical effects? fxphd and 32TEN Studios are offering a unique opportunity to learn all this from multiple Oscar-nominees in a 3-day hands-on workshop.

The workshop – to be held from September 29th to October 1st – will be taught at 32TEN Studios in San Rafael, where ILM was born. It will feature tuition from visual effects supervisor Scott Squires, effects DOP Marty Rosenberg, practical FX supe Geoff Heron, VFX supe Vince De Quattro, prop master Sean House and other special guests.

This offer is now fully open to all – but over half the places went in the first 72 hours, so don’t delay and risk disappointment, we may never run this again.

Get a run-down of the fxphd live effects workshop.

What you’ll be doing

You’ll be shooting explosions, pyro elements, in-camera effects, smoke, greenscreen, cloud tanks and more on 32TEN’s stages – all high speed – with these leading practitioners from the special and visual effects industry. You’ll learn how to rig effects and light them practically for the best results, and you’ll see how to combine live action with digital.

We are focusing on Earth, Wind and Fire, and controlling, scaling and filming practical elements.

A previous fxphd live training effects workshop.
Who should go?

This course is ideal if you are an effects TD or compositor who wants practical on set experience and a chance to learn from one of the best effects teams in the world. Anyone in visual effects will benefit – you’ll gain un-paralleled knowledge about real world effects and phenomena, and how to combine live action with digital effects.

Places are extremely limited, but this means you will get quality instruction and a real hands-on approach to solving effects problems.

Special guests
Scott Squires

Scott Squires – VFX supervisor: Scott’s incredible career in visual effects spans the practical and digital worlds. He began by helping to implement the cloud tank effects in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Scott co-founded Dream Quest Images and worked at ILM as a visual effects supervisor for many years on films such as The Mask, Dragonheart and Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace. He also wrote Commotion, a breakthrough software package for doing rotoscoping, animation and compositing. Recently he oversaw the stereo conversion pipeline of the last Transformers film.

Marty Rosenberg

Marty Rosenberg – DOP: Marty’s 20 years of credits includes work from ILM to Kerner Optical in both films and commercials. His effects photography is seen in The Hunt For Red October, Mission: Impossible, Star Wars: Episodes I, II and III, War of the Worlds, Jarhead, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Terminator Salvation, The Last Airbender, Big Miracle and Red Tails.

Geoff Heron

Geoff Heron – Practical FX Supervisor: Geoff has worked both at ILM and Kerner Optical in effects supervision roles, and his film credits include Hook, Star Trek: Generations, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Men In Black, The Mummy, Pearl Harbor, Star Wars: Episodes I and II, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Vince De Quattro

Vince De Quattro – VFX Supervisor/Director of Artist Development: Vince has worked in visual effects for many years, including at r/GA, Warner Bros Digital Studios, ILM, The Orphanage and Tweak Films. He was also a Director at the Academy of Art University before moving to 32TEN.

Sean House

Sean House – Professional Workshop Director: Sean’s history is in props and model making, recently completing prop mastering work on George Lucas’ Red Tails, with other credits at Kerner Optical including Terminator Salvation, The Last Airbender, Priest and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

fxphd co-founders Mike Seymour and John Montgomery will be hosting the workshop, with help from fxphd professors and friends such as VFX sup. Mark Christiansen and DOP James Geduldick.

(note: the above line-up is subject to availability). More guests & special events to be announced.

About 32TEN Studios

32TEN Studios provides sound stage and production services for all feature, commercial and TV projects, with set building, prop construction, miniature and models building expertise and digital effects facilities. The artists from 32TEN include helmers from the original ILM Model Shop and Kerner Optical. 32TEN’s sound stages are located in the building once occupied by the Lucasfilm’s Computer Division, before it became Pixar. Many of the film effects shot on the ‘Main Stage’ at 32TEN are seen in the Star Wars and Indiana Jones series, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Mummy, Star Trek, Back to the Future, Die Hard and Cocoon.

You’ll be on set working on shots with experienced professionals.
What you need to know: NOW SOLD OUT – Wait list only.

Dates: 3 days – Saturday September 29th, Sunday September 30th, Monday 1st October 2012.

Location: 32TEN studios, 3210 Kerner Blvd, San Rafael, 94901. Google Maps link.

Instructors: Visual effects supervisor Scott Squires, effects DOP Marty Rosenberg, practical FX supe Geoff Heron, VFX supe Vince De Quattro, prop master Sean House, Mike Seymour, John Montgomery, Mark Christiansen with special guest DOP James Geduldick.

Cost: was US$1850. NOW SOLD OUT

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    Hopefully you’re recording everything for a later fxphd class?

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