In this week’s podcast, Emmy contenders discuss some of their projects and last Friday’s bakeoff.
We also allow you to see each of the Emmy nominee’s written submissions.

In this week’s podcast we talk to one team from each of the two visual effects categories for this year’s Emmys.

For Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Series, we speak to Brian Moylan, Brian was one of the earliest Flame users, and is now the Visual Effects Manager of Rainmaker. The Team at Rainmaker were nominated for their work on Atlantis.

Concept art.
Final Shot.

Hear about this Atlantis in the podcast

Stargate Atlantis • Rising • SCI FI Channel

Michelle Comens, Visual Effects Producer
John Gajdecki, Visual Effects Supervisor
Bruce Woloshyn, Digital Effects Supervisor
Jinnie Pak, Visual Effects Coordinator
Dan Mayer, Lead 3D Animator
Wes Sargent, Lead 3D Animator
Jose Burgos, Lead 3D Animator
Debora Dunphy, Lead Digital Compositing Artist
Chris Doll, Lead Digital Compositing

We then talk to the Farscape team nominated in Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special. Headed by Visual effects supervisor Benita Carey, and we also talk to two of the lead artists from both Animal Logic and Digital PIctures, Jeremy Howdin, 3D Supervisor at Animal Logic and DP’s Animation Director Steve Anderson.

Initial storyboard frame.
Final Shot

One of Animal Logic's great shots from Farscape.

Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars • Night Two • SCI FI channel

Benita Carey, Visual Effects Supervisor
Lynne Cartwright, On Set VFX Supervisor
Jeremy Howdin, 3D Supervisor
Brett Margules, Lead Animation Artist
Dominic Bean, 2D Lead Compositor
Rob Nicol, VFX Executive Producer
David Booth, VFX Supervisor
Steve Anderson, Animation Director
Mike Seymour, Lead Compositor

Steve Scott - one of the key organisers of the Bake off.

We open by talking to Steve Scott, a Governor of the Special Visual Effects category of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. An Emmy winner himself for X-files, with credits including Angels in America (2003), The Simpsons, Star Trek (The Next Generation and Voyager) and Third Rock from the Sun. Steve works as a Digital Intermediate Colorist at EFILM Digital Laboratories. Steve is the driving force behind the Bakeoff and many of the other recent improvements in the Special Visual Effects and Title Design Categories.

see below for complete submission pdfs containing all this years nominees.

To find out about ALL the nominees in Special Visual Effects click on the link below. The archive contains two pdf files with a rundown of every nominee with story board frames, pre viz samples and background information.

Download the pdf docs

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The Bake off was a huge success last night in LA. The event was sold out. Special thanks and congrats to Steve Scott and the team for hosting a great event – and the venue was brilliant with very high quaity digital projection and sound. Everyone we spoke to after the event enjoyed it and hoped that this starts a new tradition of Emmy Bake Offs. Interesting to note is that similar Emmy Bake offs were already held in London and in Northern California and hopefully, this will be spread to other cities next year. If you are a member please email your Governors, and encourage the Emmy’s to repeat this again next year.
To all the Nominees – good luck on Sunday night !

Mike S. & the fxguide team.