Latest VFX casualty – Cinesite Los Angeles

There have been rumours for weeks about the possibility of Kodak closing Cinesite…

An article in the Hollywood Reporter today states that Kodak has decided to pull the plug on the visual effects division of Cinesite Los Angeles. The story says that Cinesite Los Angeles will continue to exist doing restoration and digital intermediate business.
The fate of Cinesite London is less clear. The article states they will remain open, are busy doing Harry Potter 3 and cite recent hires as an indicator of health… the buzz on the street is less friendly speculating that Cinesite London will face the same fate after HP3 finishes.

The article says that Kodak has declined comment on the story but that a formal statement is expected next week.

Tough times in the visual effects business. In the past year we have seen several other high profile facilities and two up and coming software companies exit the business.