Max 5 to be shown at Siggraph with Radiosity

Post Magazine online, has disclosed that Discreet’s biggest news announcement for this year’s SIGGRAPH show centers around its 3ds max animation, modeling and rendering software. Version 5 is designed to offer animators and artists better control over the creation, animation and management of animated characters. Most significant to Fxguide readers in that Post reports MAX 5 has radiosity.

Rumour has it that the updated release also includes new floating licensing options, Spline IK, a Dope Sheet Editor and a new character-based animation management system. New advanced rendering features for 3ds max include radiosity, toon shading, area light shadows, and a method for simulating high-resolution scenes on low-resolution geometry. Relating to 3ds max, Discreet will introduce Character Studio 4, an extension to 3ds max software that provides control for building and refining characters.

The radiosity renderer is of key interest following on the heals of the radioisty features previewed in the technology demo of Toxik at this years NAB.

This new renderer allows for completely natural lighting of 3D – modelling not only lights- very exactly, but also surface interactions. This is vital for producing great 3D animation visual effects – especially when the 3D is combined with live action plate photography. While Lightwave, and specialist renderers such as Brazil, already offer radiosity in various forms, Radioisty has been missing from the leading industry packages such as Max and Maya.

With Discreet increasingly offering closer interaction between Max and products such as Combustion 2 and Flame/Inferno, this new rendering option could prove extremely valuable. No official word from Discreet over any new interchange tools between the new Max 5 and the unreleased Toxik or so called DMA product line.