What 10 things can we do for you?

Since 1999, fxguide has been a leading source of in-depth news and information about the filmmaking, visual effects and post industries. Even though fxguide’s readership keeps breaking records, we thought it might be helpful to give you a summary of the articles, podcasts and other coverage you can find at fxguide.com and at our sister site fxphd.com – in fact we have a list of 10 different sections from our sites. Plus you can check out a free sample class from fxphd on ILM’s art department.

What can you find on fxguide and fxphd?

1. Feature articles – our feature articles delve into the technical aspects of visual effects films such as Man of Steel and Gravity, as well as TVCs, broadcast, music videos and software and hardware. Here you’ll also find incredibly in-depth ‘art of’ stories on topics such as rendering, compositing and 3D stereo. We’ll soon be publishing a piece on USC ICT’s research into digital faces, a complex and deeply researched article that has been weeks in the making.

2000 res high quality view of the rig and lightbox
The light box and robotic camera used to film Gravity, just one of the major films fxguide has covered in-depth recently.

2. Quick takes – these shorter articles are designed to reflect the latest news and info from around the industry, including software releases or say a commercial we’ve seen that we thought should be shared with the fxguide community. We always love hearing from our readers, too, for quick take material.

3. fxinsider – fxinsider is our membership program that offers insider access to exclusive content and expanded articles. It’s a way for people who care about visual effects and the work that we do here at fxguide to help us continue and grow.Join here

4. Podcasts – fxguide and fxphd together deliver five free podcasts – all available via our websites and on iTunes.

5. fxguidetv – this is our flagship high definition video podcast hosted by Angie Dale and featuring in-depth interviews with visual effects supervisors and artists. Watch it here

6. fxpodcast – the audio fxpodcast is where we talk one on one with top visual effects artists and again dig-deep into the technical side of the work. Listen here

7. the vfx show – our vfx show features a panel of visual effects experts who review effects in current releases as well as classic films. The vfx show is now also presented as a live video Google Hangout that can be viewed on YouTube. Listen here

8. the rc – the rc podcast covers the ever changing landscape of digital cinematography and features fxguide’s Mike Seymour and director Jason Wingrove, plus interviews with DOPs and other filmmakers. Listen here

9. fxphd DOD – over at fxphd.com, Mike Seymour and John Montgomery take a more relaxed look at the VFX industry, new courses and developments both at fxguide and fxphd. Listen here

10. ILM Art Department – free sample class from fxphd

fxphd is an online vfx, production, post-production training program led by professionals. We offer both application and craft-based courses, online forums for feedback, and vpn software. Curriculum includes courses in applications such as Nuke, Flame, Maya, Houdini, After Effects and more.
Today for example we also launched a new quickstart Resolve 10 course – for immediate download. Learn about it here

Members of fxphd can sign up for courses that include 10 weeks of classes – here’s a sample class from Background Fundamentals where fxphd visited the ILM art department to speak to several visual effects art directors about their film and personal projects.

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  1. Mauricio Cuencas

    Cool interview. A little marketing-wise for Luxology, but good concepts and ideas on how to follow and training concept art and 3d Artist.

    Nothing against Luxology, but it gets a little boring every time to ask them about Modo. Sounds like if you don’t use Modo, you can’t be as cool. 🙂

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