fxguidetv #104: Douglas Trumbull

5 thoughts on “fxguidetv #104: Douglas Trumbull”

  1. Great interview, great artist! But if I do think that higher dynamic range and higher resolution will be (are?) game changers in the industry, I also do think that the imersiveness of a movie is more about the way it is shot.

    Lets take a movie like Gaspar Noë’s Enter the void, for example… It’s shot super 16, in a way no movie was shot before (the POV of a floating soul), but at the end, it moves your guts more than most of “expo kind of film” shot in 70mm that I’ve seen.

    Well, I do think that emotion is the main aspect that drives imersiveness, if that makes sense.

    Anyway, appreciate a lot to be able to listen such an interesting person. Thanks to FXguide.

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