fxguidetv #115: Flame/Smoke 2012×1 Exclusive Preview

6 thoughts on “fxguidetv #115: Flame/Smoke 2012×1 Exclusive Preview”

  1. Thanks for the update guys. GPU AO is very exciting indeed. Come IBC, I’d love to see more examples of that AO in operation and some final renders. I’d also like to see more on the HDRx implementation Philippe was talking about. Kudos to Autodesk for really stepping it up the past few releases…keep it coming!

  2. 2012 has game changing features for both Flame and Smac. Unfortunately Smac is full of serious bugs.

    Fix the MK paint tool so you can paint a front with a matte without it crashing after frame 1- It worked prior to SP2!

    Fix the desktop paint tool. I’m so tired of painting out a rig and having to throw away my work because the paint tool has burnt black shit all over the footage.

    Fix the compatibility issues between Smac and Flame. Having a Smac connect to a frame store only to bring a Flame down is unacceptable. No wonder no one actually wants to pay for it.

  3. Absolutely agree, some bugs are never fixed, we get new ones,
    but we also get tons of new features. Great, just make them worth using.
    Highly advertised denoise is a joke comparing to some cheap algorithms
    available. 3D tracking is so much worse than Syntheyes, boujou
    or PFtrack, it’s not even funny. The list goes on…
    And please allow me to take two clips to Keyer, even when one is 8-bit 23.97
    and the other is 10-bit 25fps…

  4. How is exactly is HDRx mode integrated into autodesk products? Most curious about grading in Lustre with HDRx modes. Can you guys elaborate on the process. Basically what is the best way to grade the image. Mike is there a way to use an add mode equivelant to HDRx in Lustre? Like the one you showed on the assimilate webinar?

  5. John,

    The new Gap FX thing is interesting, actually reminds me quite a bit of DS. The examples discussed show a serial single track edit. I’m wondering how it applies to moving timeline layers to a BFX while leaving the media soft and replaceable on the source timeline….any clues?


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