fxguidetv #116: Adobe, Alembic and OpenColorIO

5 thoughts on “fxguidetv #116: Adobe, Alembic and OpenColorIO”

  1. Before I make a nit picky comment, I just wanna say how much I love FXguide! Just wanted to make sure I don’t come off like an a*hole pointing this out but Angie’s head gets cropped by a matte at the end of the episode around 30min57sec 🙂

  2. Watching this episode and the Flame episode too, I was struck by the fact that I’ve kind of seen some of this before. Extruding an .eps has been in Avid DS for years and years and the smoke Gap FX is a DS Tree Effect. And the flame perspective corner pin is kind of how really old Quantel stuff used to work 15 years ago (though not now).
    I know these old functions of other machine probably can’t compare to the new stuff really but it just made me smile 😉

    Great to have lots of fxguidetv though – thanks again guys!

  3. Adobe really must be coming to EOL with After Effects because BorisFX has been doing this stuff since 2000 and it is a AE plugin. Checkout Boris Red.

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