fxguidetv #139: COPA's Turn Me On music vid

We talk to COPA co-founder and VFX supervisor Alex Frisch about 'Turn Me On,' a music video for David Guetta and Nicki Minaj, and about how the new virtual studio used collaboration tools to complete the work across the globe.

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8 Responses to fxguidetv #139: COPA’s Turn Me On music vid

  1. I have to say I’m disappointed in FXGuide for showing nudity in there content. It’s bad enough to have it, and on top of that there wasn’t even a warning.

    Posted by Jeff on
    • Do you own a single mirror in your house? Also, do you shower/bathe in a raincoat or butt naked?

      Don’t be another American hypocrite bitching about nudity.

      Posted by loocas on
      • Easy there.

        First off if you had a brain you’d realize that a normal man, and a normal women, have different sexual organs. So you talking about the mirror in the house, I don’t think anyone gets “turned on” by looking at themselves in the mirror.

        Figure it out.

        Posted by Jeff on
        • [ed: some content removed…keeping it out of personal realm]

          Anyways, what really drives me mad is that brutal gore and violence is OK, however, beautiful naked women or men for that matter, are a NO NO in the modern American culture. (to be fair, this is finding its way to the other countries in the world, unfortunately).

          Posted by loocas on
    • It’s kind of an unwritten rule of the net now to put a NSFW on there if there’s any doubt. You never know how prudish your boss might be.

      Posted by Brett on
  2. Just to jump in…
    We would 100% warn if there was nudity.. but there is none we saw… in another post with a real model – we blurred things that some people might find offensive. As a father of younger children – I respect anyone’s request for a warning but these were digital mannequins. They are – in our minds – the same as undressed shop front mannequins. There is no explicit nudity.

    Of course at quick glance the video may seem to show that, but we have checked and we are fairly sure on this one… but please email me at mikes at this web site (fxguide.com) and I am happy to discuss it further.

    Our intent is highlight the great work of these artists in a professional context. We are not seeking to exploit or offend.

    Posted by Mike Seymour on
  3. I’m all for NSFW, but this coin toss really.

    These are in effect animated virtual mannequins. NOT REAL. NOT “ANATOMICALLY CORRECT” shall we say.

    I think someone who didn’t know what they were looking at could have a knee-jerk reaction that this is objectionable somehow.

    I wonder how they would react to virtual models breastfeeding? Would that be “natural” and “beautiful”?

    Posted by Craig Macon on

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