fxguidetv #155: 20 years of Sony VFX and animation

1 thought on “fxguidetv #155: 20 years of Sony VFX and animation”

  1. I like how professionally critical Ralston is about Mocap. Whenever I see an ambitious film failing, I wonder whether the guys who made it, somehow inbetween or afterwards realize it won’t be THAT successfull. And of course as prefssionals: They do. Still it’s companies like Imageworks who are needed to take the risks and go that new way. And that is why even “Polar Express”, whilst still being a bit clunky in the animation and its looks, especially from today’s POV, is an important film for the industry. Imageworks never seemed to back away from risks. My favorite work of theirs is “Contact” and “Hollow Man”.

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