fxguidetv #162: SIGGRAPH Asia 2012

This week we report from SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 in Singapore. The guys see how EA Sports use Side Effects Houdini in their game creation, and go behind the scenes at the fun Emerging Tech exhibition.

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5 Responses to fxguidetv #162: SIGGRAPH Asia 2012

  1. Ok I want to be the first to say – yes I look like an idiot – but we raised over $1200 for Cancer research – so it is worth it. Thanks to everyone who donated. – John’s turn next year – or maybe Jeff?
    – Mike

    Posted by Mike Seymour on
    • that is a giant ‘stache, but you wear it proudly sir.

      Posted by David Ariew on
  2. Awesome … as always

    Posted by Amid Rajabi on
  3. Mike, can you explain the relationship between a sponsor and an episode. RE: An fxGuideTV about houdini sponsored by…SideFX. Do you do the show and then ask the sponsor, does the sponsor come to you with an episode idea?

    Posted by Khye Kading on
  4. We always do Siggraph and Siggraph Asia shows. Side effects are a regular sponsor of fxguide. I have wanted to do more tech games coverage – and set that as an objective at Siggraph Asia to explore. We approached them to sponsor again a bunch of shows so they are doing Fxpodcasts, vfxshow podcast and fxguidetv. It was my decision to do EA & Houdini, completely not a sponsor idea. I loved the idea of using Houdini as a data processing tool,… in games production. I think it is a really interesting but unusual angle.
    Another example of a similar topic is the Ubisoft Water story – also from Siggraph Asia. I felt that worked better with a detailed written story… Of course I discussed this with John (also in Singapore) and (Jeff would have been involved but he was in LA working). It may look otherwise but the two were not linked. I hope that explains it. I will say it is not uncommon for advertisers to advertise on places that cover their products. So I agree it can be a thin line – but it is a line.

    Posted by Mike Seymour on

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