fxguidetv #175: Pacific Rim Pipeline Special

We visit ILM to discuss the Pacific Rim production pipeline with John Knoll, Eddie Pasquarello, Lindy De Quattro and Hal Hickel. The pipeline uses NUKE, Houdini, KATANA, Modo, Alembic, Arnold/RenderMan and ILM's 3D and fluid destruction and muscle sim tools.

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3 Responses to fxguidetv #175: Pacific Rim Pipeline Special

  1. great episode, love this film

    Posted by alex on
  2. Thanks Mike its really awesome episode and deep information.

    Thanks fxguide Team

    Posted by Abhimanyu Tanwar on
  3. Great Special, interesting throughout.
    I would love to see what the initial rendered shots look like (from Arnold, Renderman etc.), before being comped and soaked in flares, explosions, rain etc. Can you provide some stills?

    Thanks for interesting podcasts and articles on Fxguide!

    Posted by Thomas Nissen on

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