fxguidetv #181: Neville Page Character Design + fxphd Preview

Neville Page has worked with some of Hollywood’s most successful and respected directors – James Cameron, JJ Abrams, Ridley Scott but to name a few. He has design creatures and characters in Super 8, Tron, Cloverfield, Prometheus – from Romulans to Klingons,-  from Alien babies to Judging on Face Off. – He was the lead character design for Avatar, and quite simply his work is respected worldwide.


An exceptional designer – his life is as complex as it is interesting. His parents were literally in the circus, he studied acting, has taught design in switzerland… nothing about Page is ordinary.

Taiwan copy.007

Mike Seymour got to sit down with him for an in depth discussion about his career and his process.


Neville Page uses Modo as his principle 3D design tool and in a related part 2 this week we have a look at the new term at fxphd.com with new courses including Modo – plus 109 other courses.

Neville Page’s web site is here.

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  1. Remington Markham

    This was so helpful! Creature design is one of the major aspects of films that truly inspired me to become part of the industry. I can never find any good information on the process. This website is a goldmine for young visual effects artists like myself.

    Thanks for taking the time to share!

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