fxguidetv #183: Studio visit: The Embassy VFX

4 thoughts on “fxguidetv #183: Studio visit: The Embassy VFX”

  1. Great article. It’s always nice to see Softimage houses producing amazing quality work. You guys should go to Whiskytree or RodeoFX. Two amazingly good companies using Softimage still.

  2. I really enjoyed this visit! I always liked the Embassy’s work, and even more their first work with that robot walking in a slum. They then reused it for District nine and now again for Elysium… Their dancing transformer Citroen was pretty cool too. But what about this Iron Kid? Shaders were great and all, but the idea reminds me of something I have done 😉 :

  3. i’ve heard a few of these shows talk about using HDR in nuke to assist with lighting and color matching during comp. i wonder how this workflow would look. heck i still haven’t gotten my hdri to look properly in maya..
    in time i guess..

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