fxguidetv #185: GPUs in VFX

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  1. i feel with firepro i’m getting good results but even for me it was a big purchase at 700 with the 4gb W7000, its suppose to have higher computing marks as the k6000 + but those cards cost thousands more. besides the whole Nvidia specific hurdle, what benefit do I have to invest in lets say the 12gb nvidia over lets say a firepro W9000? I like AMD because for me their marketing has really pushed forward in providing for feature film effects. (I am able to run a 64core/1TBmemory workstation) but when i open my programs like maya and nuke and mari, i’m hit with NVIDIA forcing me to rethink my build. So now i have to wonder is AMD the right choice even if the benchmarks are higher, they do me no good if i cant use them in production. At the moment my W7000 isnt even being read in nuke. it says no graphics card available.
    I could really use more info on this.. besides processing and memory, where should i be pushing in to get great render and work results. as a Generalist/Comp artist these are key to getting freelance work. without this it becomes a pipe-dream or you are forced to provide lower quality.

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