fxguidetv #188: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This week on fxguidetv we’re at ILM to discuss their incredible visual effects for Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, looking in-depth at the Helicarriers and Falcon.

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7 Responses to fxguidetv #188: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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  2. Hi… Is this video uploaded? I don’t seem to be able to play it or download it. Thanks. Alkesh.

    Posted by Alkesh Nanavaty on
  3. There is a problem to watch or download the video.

    Posted by nicolas on
  4. We have fixed the podcast server – so sorry for the delay. It should all be fine now

    Posted by Mike Seymour on
  5. Max Pipeline on ILM! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great article FXGuide. We are seeing Max coming back with vengeance! 😀

    Basically … the building destruction is Max + Thinking Particles. Awesome!

    Posted by Mauricio PC on
  6. They also used vray for max and vray for katana! Max and Vray: the fastest tools ever!

    Posted by Strob on
    • We this kind of exposure, Autodesk will surely update and improve Max a lot more and that’s good for us artists.

      Now FXPHD will put some cool Max training for FX, destruction and Explosion. We have Allan McKay, Anselm V. Seherr-Thoss and Hristo Velev to blow stuff up! 😀

      Posted by Mauricio PC on

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