fxguidetv #189: Flame 2015 from NAB

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  2. So…I’m wondering….a couple of things:

    1) Is the support in smoke to export XML a nod to maintain a base level of moving a project from smoke to flame going forward while still allowing the splintering and blossoming of the code bases of flame and smoke going forward and allow them to develop to their market specific needs?

    2) watching from afar, it’s been stated that flame assist, as of right now, really is smoke on mac with a flame skin….that can’t be entirely accurate….as smoke has connect fx and action tools that probably are not available in flame assist, right? otherwise, what would functionally be the difference between flame assist and flame? Flame assist is conform and timeline tools only, right? Where as flare is the batch component for shot development? Just want to make sure I’m clear on this. Thanks.

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