fxguidetv #206: Flame 2016 X1

In early November, Autodesk announced that they were getting out of the hardware business and making Flame (as well as Flare, Flame Assist, and Lustre) a software-only product.

We catch up with Flame Product Manager Will Harris as well as developers Stephane Labrie and Francois Bouillon about work they did on new features in the 2016 X1 release.

In addition, we have full un-cut interviews with developers DJ Rahming, Frederic Warren, Stephan Labrie, and Francois Bouillon covering features they worked on for the 2016 X1 Release (see below).


fxguidetv #206 uncut: media workflow

Autodesk Flame developer DJ Rahming provides insight into new media and data management changes in the Flame 2016X1 release

fxguidetv #206 uncut: ui and usability changes

Developer Frederic Warren walks through UI and other changes in the Flame 2016X1 release.


fxguidetv #206 uncut: connected conform

The new connected conform workflow in Flame 2016X1 sets the industry standard in finishing. Developer Stephane Labrie shows off the changes in the release.


fxguide tv #206 uncut: new Gmask Tracer module

In this bonus uncut interview, Flame developer Francois Bouillon breaks down the new Gmask module and rendering Lightbox plugin in Flame 2016X1.

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  1. They Have had a Decade to integrate the Combustion Paint Module, I don’t see the Engineering team rewriting paint anytime soon..Toxik had a very buggy version of it but I’ve given up on waiting for this feature in Flame.

    Posted by Nathaniel Westveer on

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