New fxphd course: Introduction to Nuke, Part 1

Nuke is the industry standard for node-based compositing. Whether you are just starting out in the industry or coming to Nuke from another application, this multi-part course aims to give you a solid foundation for setting up your first shots.

But first, a big shout out to the team at The Foundry over the years for their support of our efforts at fxphd. They have been partners with us since our first term back in May 2006, supporting a new effort to bring professional vfx training to the online world.

We are excited to release the first in our new series of introductory and intermediate Nuke courses here at fxphd, Introduction to Nuke, Part 1. Joining it in the coming months will be one more introductory level course, followed by two intermediate level courses. The series of courses are being taught by Christoph Zapletal, a freelance Flame and Nuke artist who has been in the industry for close to 25 years, working on both commercial and feature projects. Beyond that, he is a frequent contributor to Digital Production Magazine as well as an instructor at the HFF in Munich, Germany.

Striking a balance between explaining core principles and hands-on examples, Nuke will become more and more accessible to you with each class. This first part will show you many techniques you will use on a day-to-day basis as a compositing artist.

This and over 270 other courses are available as part of a monthly membership, starting at $79/month at

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