This week we talk to Paul Debevec from the USC Institute for Creative Technologies about a SIGGRAPH 2012 talk on a single-shot light probe – a new light probe with both diffuse and specular materials that can capture the full dynamic range of complex lighting conditions in one standard digital photograph.


More information on the single-shot light probe talk can be found here at the ACM’s Digital Library, and see some stills of the new light probe below, courtesy of Paul Debevec.

Single-shot probe and a CG model rendered with it.
Traditional HDR and the same image rendered with it.

Image probe, the rebuilt LDR, the rebuilt grey ball, the sun illumination calculated from it, a digital ball lit with it, a real ball.

Note that once the LDR (right) is converted into an HDR – a digital version was rendered to compare to the source (left).

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