It's the annual post-NAB recap with Jeff, John, and Mike...recorded on the way back to LA from Vegas.

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3 Responses to fxpodcast #247: NAB 2013 roadtrip recap

  1. A big thank you for a great coverage, again, from NAB! Thanks to Jeff, John, Mike and the whole team behind this.
    Not being able to attend and having you guys out there is reassuring.
    Being able to watch and listen to all this from our comfy, eh, desk chairs, is just amazing. Thanks!

    Posted by James on
  2. About the Full frame and wide…I was the same way I love my zeiss 21mm 2.8 and the nikkor 14-24 so I never payed any attention but with the speed booster coming out I now have put in the preorder. It kind of changes everything but I am disappointed it has been delayed. The black magic pocket rocket with the speed booster and a sweet anamorphic….e couldnt dream of such ridiculous things before…Im so excited!

    Posted by Rob Bannister on
  3. A note on Premier workflow. It does support AAF export. And in my experience, the AAF from Premiere CS6 into Resolve 9.1 worked MUCH better than the XML route (which actually failed on the project in question).


    Posted by Jef Huey on

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