fxpodcast #270: Solid Angle's Marcos Fajardo on Arnold

This week we talk to Marcos Fajardo, the founder of Solid Angle which makes the renderer Arnold. Solid Angle has recently updated its website and showcased the use of Arnold in recent films such as Elysium, Star Trek Into Darkness, Pacific Rim and Gravity. A full-length animated film, Minuscule: Valley Of The Lost Ants, by Futurikon also relied on Arnold for rendering - see the trailer.

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3 Responses to fxpodcast #270: Solid Angle’s Marcos Fajardo on Arnold

  1. Great! and maybe another episode with V-Ray’s Vlado? 🙂

    Posted by Jason on
  2. Good idea, I would like to hear Vlado too!

    Posted by Strob on
  3. Great inside look. I love arnold, I look forward to seeing their progression. the memory optimization is my favorite..

    Posted by Jamiel Boling on

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