This week Mike Seymour talks to Framestore clothing effects lead Juan-Luis Sanchez about digital costume design, including the incredible work he contributed to Gravity.

Images from Gravity


Gravity_showAndTell_v005_BAFTA_CLEAN_V2_ProRes422LT_ProRes422LT_188335.mov_012307 Gravity_showAndTell_v005_BAFTA_CLEAN_V2_ProRes422LT_ProRes422LT_188335.mov_012016

Gravity_showAndTell_v005_BAFTA_CLEAN_V2_ProRes422LT_ProRes422LT_188335.mov_010604 Gravity_showAndTell_v005_BAFTA_CLEAN_V2_ProRes422LT_ProRes422LT_188335.mov_010820

Gravity_showAndTell_v005_BAFTA_CLEAN_V2_ProRes422LT_ProRes422LT_188335.mov_001813 Gravity_showAndTell_v005_BAFTA_CLEAN_V2_ProRes422LT_ProRes422LT_188335.mov_001522 Gravity_showAndTell_v005_BAFTA_CLEAN_V2_ProRes422LT_ProRes422LT_188335.mov_002108

Images from 47 Ronin

TF_0740_1 TF_0740_2

TF_0740_3 TF_0740_5

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3 Responses to fxpodcast #272: Digital costume design

  1. Such an amazing podcast, being a multifaceted artist for years, i never thought about my history in fashion to have such an influence. I knew it was there but everytime I work with cloth I always thought It was an attention to detail thing where It had to look and feel right, not just the act of creating cloth. Now I work as a compositor for feature films, A Professional Photographer in between, and transitioning to DP often times having to style my clients to get their desired look through the lens. When I work on my Personal CG/VFX projects i’m always looking for insight to justify why Certain choices are made and this was a great podcast for that.

    Keep them coming!!

    Posted by Jamiel Boling on
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