fxpodcast #289: SciTechs – finite element, DMM & Kali

We talk to the three recipients of a SciTech award for finite element analysis, DMM and Kali innovations in computer graphics and visual effects – James O’Brien, Eric Parker and Ben Cole.

Here’s the full award citation:

To Ben Cole for the design of the Kali Destruction System, to Eric Parker for the development of the Digital Molecular Matter toolkit, and to James O’Brien for his influential research on the finite element methods that served as a foundation for these tools.

The combined innovations in Kali and DMM provide artists with an intuitive, art-directable system for the creation of scalable and realistic fracture and deformation simulations. These tools established finite element methods as a new reference point for believable on-screen destruction.

And check out fxguide’s previous coverage of finite element analysis research, DMM from Pixelux and MPC’s Kali:


Art of Destruction (or Art of Blowing Crap Up)

fxguide will be at the SciTech awards this weekend – stay tuned for photos and further coverage of the award recipients.

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