fxpodcast #295: DigiPro preview with DreamWorks Animation

DigiPro 2015, the Digital Production Symposium, is a day long event held right before SIGGRAPH featuring talks and papers from some of the leading minds in film, CG and animation production. To preview the day, Mike Seymour spoke to Sven Pohle who at DreamWorks Animation worked on the studio’s Facial Motion and Deformation System. A talk on the system is one of the first sessions at DigiPro on Saturday, 8th August.

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2 Responses to fxpodcast #295: DigiPro preview with DreamWorks Animation

  1. link seems broken

    Posted by Alexander Kalyuzhnyy on
  2. Hi Alexander, it should now be working – thanks for letting us know. – Ian

    Posted by Ian Failes on

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