fxpodcast #299: Sci-Tech Awards – MARI

The Scientific and Technical Achievement Awards will be held on February 13th in Los Angeles and one of the awards recognizes the design and engineering behind The Foundry’s MARI 3D texture painting system which started life of course at Weta Digital. This week Mike Seymour talks to The Foundry’s Jack Greasley, one of the award’s recipients, about the development of MARI.

Here’s the full award details:

To Jack Greasley, Kiyoyuki Nakagaki, Duncan Hopkins and Carl Rand for the design and engineering of the MARI 3D texture painting system.

Combining powerful, multilayer painting tools and a unique texture-management system, MARI simplifies working with large, high-resolution texture sets. It has achieved broad adoption in the visual effects industry, often supplanting long-term in-house systems.

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