fxpodcast #328: How viable is Virtual Production?

Noah Kadner and Jason Diamond join Mike Seymour to discuss the business and technical challenges of Virtual Production and in particular, LED stage volumes.

As part of a new fxpodcast series, we focus on a series of topics and challenges in the VFX world, rather than just a specific film or project. For this first panel discussion on Virtual Production, fxguide’s Mike Seymour talks with Noah Kadner, Virtual Production Editor at American Cinematographer Magazine and the author of the Virtual Production Field Guide series for Epic Games, + along with Jason Diamond, Director/Producer at the Diamond Bros. and business development at Frame.io.

Jake Speer at Big Picture / Spectre Studios in Sydney

The idea with the new panel format fxpodcasts is to explore issues but not through the lens of a particular film or project. We aim to have more of a discussion around a key topic than an interview with the team that may be actually developing or selling a process or project.


If you are interested in virtual production, later this week we will be posting a related technical story focused on the improvements in VP LED volumes here at fxguide.com

If there are topics you’d like to hear discussed on upcoming fxpodcasts, please email us via this link.

VP image top: Actor – Jake SpeerBig Picture / Spectre Studios.

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