fxpodcast #335: Nuke meet Unreal, play nicely.

Foundry may not seem like a company focused on real-time but that may be changing. With the new release of Nuke 13.1, the company is allowing the direct control and importing of UE scenes and shots into Nuke. We spoke to Mat Mazerolle and Dan Ring from Foundry to get details of this interesting development coming soon to Nuke.

CubeMap example in Nuke from Unreal

The actual Nuke node does so much more than just accept renders from UE4, it allows artist to use a new Nuke Camera on the UE scene, importing passes or separate objects, and a range of re-lighting functionality.

Mathieu (Mat) Mazerolle, is Director of Product – New Technology, and Dan Ring is Head of Research at Foundry. The guys talk with fxguide’s Mike Seymour about how the new pipeline was invented and where they think the technology is going in the future.


Above is a short preview of the new functionality and how this new control of Unreal allows for a vast range of high-quality render options for artists working with Unreal scenes and assets.

Stencil Examples in Nuke 13.1

Images courtesy of Epic Games

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