fxpodcast #337: Photorealism for VFX, Visualization and Games

Eran Dinur is an Emmy award-winning VFX supervisor and fxphd Prof. Eran has written a new book on photorealism for VFX, Visualization and Games. Eran sits down with fxguide’s Mike Seymour to discuss the principles of his new book, (and they end up inventing updates to Eran’s first book The Filmmaker’s Guide to Visual Effects: The Art and Techniques of VFX !)

The new book offers a comprehensive and detailed guide to accomplishing and perfecting a photorealistic look in digital content across visual effects, architectural and product visualization, and games. Eran and Mike discuss understanding the complex interplay of light, surfaces, atmospherics, and optical effects, and then they look forward to discussing techniques to achieve this complexity in the digital realm as our craft evolves.

Eran’s book covers both 3D and 2D methodologies. It features artwork, case studies, and interviews with leading artists in the fields of VFX, visualization, and games. Exploring color, integration, light and surface behavior, atmospherics, shading, texturing, physically-based rendering, procedural modeling, compositing, matte painting, lens/camera effects, and much more, Eran offers a great guide to achieving photorealism in digital media and creating imagery that is seamless from real footage.

As the book does not focus on any one application or specific button-pushing, it is suitable for VFX, visualization, and game artists and students, as well as directors, architects, designers, and anyone who aims to achieve convincing, believable visuals in digital media.

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