fxpodcast #355: How to Film a Hijacking

In this episode of the fxpodcast, we talk to DOP Ed Moore and discuss the more technical aspects of filming the hit Apple TV+ series Hijack.  Written by George Kay, directed by Jim Field Smith, and starring  Idris Elba. Hijack is a runaway hit series with the final airing this week.

The show is a tight and lean heart-stopping limited streaming event. The streaming series chronicles the events in real-time. The story of Hijack is deceptively simple in concept with much of the action filmed in a major passenger plane while it is being hijacked midair by terrorists. But to execute the series, the production built an aircraft set, on a scale never seen before, under the eye of the series’ DOP Ed Moore.

Ed Moore BSC is a British cinematographer born in Cornwall. He began his career in theatrical lighting before moving into film lighting and now as an award-winning DOP. Along with two feature films, he’s worked extensively in high-end TV dramas including Doctor Who, This Way Up, Red Dwarf, Shetland, Vera, Litvinenko, and HiJack.  We spoke to Ed as he was on a break from filming season 2 of another major Apple TV+ hit show: Silo.

DOP Ed Moore (Right)



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